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Probiotics for Dogs

    Probiotics  for dogs are a healthy and fairly recent trend in the holistic and natural pet care industry. Dog owners everywhere are realizing how important it is to treat their pets with healthy supplements to their diet, as most dog foods are not providing all of the right needs for your pooch. Probiotics […]

Wysong Epigen Review

Is the best food for dogs the homemade raw diet? Or is it something like Wysong Epigen, a new starch free dry dog food, or their freeze dried raw food ‘Archteype’? I really wanted to do a Wysong Epigen Review, because as far as commercial dry dog food goes, Wysong is pretty awesome! I thought […]

Natural Pet Care Products

Do you want to start you pet on some natural products but not quite sure where to start? I always recommend colloidal silver as the first stop natural pet care product. However, here are some products listed below that have some good natural pet care benefits. Check these out: Best Pet Health Joint Support Medium […]

Should We Vaccinate Our Pets?

This is a very loaded question and hard to make the right decision for so many pet owners theses days.   Should we vaccinate our pets? We vaccinate because we are overly concerned about our animals health- Of course-  as it should be!   We are worried they will contract certain diseases and their own […]

Are you Satisfied with Conventional Veterinarian Care?

Conventional  Veterinarian Care is designed to make money on pet disease.   The holistic Pet Care  approach is proactive and based on focusing on maintaining our pet’s health. The goal of proactive holistic pet care and alternative medicine is to maintain healthy, resilient dogs and cats  whose little  bodies are able to handle the pathogens they encounter. […]

Are There Natural Cures for Parvo?

Natural Cures For Parvo The well know and highly  ‘feared by puppy owners’ deadly  virus, Canine parvovirus  will attack the GI tracts of puppies and some adult dogs as well,  affecting both domesticated and wild canines, often fatally.  Are there natural cures?  Yes, but one must be very  well educated about this disease to  even […]

Colloidal Silver Differences

Colloidal silver generators sold for home production primarily create ionic silver by the process of electrolysis. Single charged particles of silver are released into water, although some nanoparticles of silver may be found in the resulting product. Large quantities of ionic silver can be produced at a moderate cost using a silver generator.  True colloidal […]

Pet not Eating?

Pet Not Eating? If your dog or cat has a  decrease in appetite, or it can be that your dog or cat completely stops eating. If this has persisted, then your pet may be lethargic, weak – although you should not wait this long for clinical signs to appear. The causes are varied. They can include […]

Crystal Healing for Pets

Crystal Healing for Pets Below is a list of crystals and stones that  can help your pets through challenges.  Our pets  can and do respond very quickly to the healing power  of crystals and stones.  But foremost always seek the best available  medical advice for your pets. Using stones and crystals  for healing pets is […]